PROVA TECHNOTRADE PVT. LTD. offers membrane based technologies for filtration units in various sectors such as laboratory, research institutes and industries providing them with insightful and ingenious solutions which therefore enable to evaluate and implement technologies within short time.

PROVA introduces filtrations products from STERLITECH industries, Washington USA who is a renowned name in world of filtration technologies. Following are the filtration products offered.

And various other products or technologies regarding filtration unit as per customer’s requirement.

Cross Flow Cell

Cross-flow filter cells have a constant turbulent flow along the membrane surface prevents the accumulation of matter on the membrane surface. The membranes used in this process are commonly tubes with membrane layer on the inside wall of the tube. The feed flow through the membrane tube has an elevated pressure as driving force for thefiltration process and a high flow speed to create turbulent conditions.

Applications of Cross Flow Cells:

Stirred Cell

Stirred Cell is a high-pressure, chemically resistant stirred cell that performs a wide variety of membrane separations with maximum pressure rating of 1000 psig , it is ideally suited for all type of Filtrations. Stainless steel construction and chemically resistant components make the Stirred Cell an ideal choice to filter aqueous and non-aqueous solutions and the its design and manufacturing to provide many years of trouble-free operation.

Stirred Cell Product Characteristics:

Stirred cell applications:

PCTE(PolyCarbonate) membranes

We are the most recognized suplliers of membranes in India. We supply membranes of all types and sizes and which are the optimum solutions for fitrations. The membranes offered can achieve Micro-Filtration , Nano-filtration , Ultra-Filtration and Reverse Osmosis.

Advantages of using this membranes are:

Applications of membranes: